refugee community

Not just school, an appreciation for learning

What a surprise. When the teachers visited the Bengali refugee community that collects and sorts garbage, they found lower-kindergartener Kumkum reading a book! When asked where she got it from, Kukum explained how she found it in the garbage she was collecting with her mom. Instead of putting it in with the other paper, Kumkum more…

Visiting Buddha’s Smile School an Amistad Intl project

The following is part of an informal trip report by Karen Kotoske, Executive Director, Amistad International: Buddha’s Smile School (BSS) is located in Sarnath and is only a short walk from the historical site where Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha delivered this first sermon. Amistad International has been the primary sponsor of this school since 2004 when BSS had only 60 students. 239 now attend this free school for the poorest of the poor children in the area.