BSS Saved Reena From Child Marriage

Today on women’s Day we are proud to share that Renna age 14 belongs to lepers community Kashi kushth Ashram has been saved from child marriage and is studying in grade 4th in Buddha’s Smile School since 2014.
Reena was going to marry on 15th Feb 2022. It reached my ear from other children on the 14th. Immediate we took action to stop this child marriage. We have to inform the police (area police station and advocate to stop this forced marriage arranged by one mother whose daughter Jyoti died of hepatitis A after child marriage, her in-laws and husband did not help to cure her, as they were also very poor and marriage happened far away 700 km from Varanasi. This made me reminded of what happened to Jyoti at the age of 14 forced child marriage.
So I have to take this strict action to save Reena who belongs to the Rajghat lepers community. Her mother is also a leper and Reena’s father died when Reena was 10 years old, this marriage was encouraged by Jyoti’s mother. This is very upsetting for me though the time was very less still managed to stop this child marriage of Reena studying in grade 4th. So on the 15th Feb, the police arrived in Rajghat lepers community and stopped this marriage, Her mother get angry with me as I stopped this marriage, but again I motivated Reena’s mother to accept right way legal way for protecting Reena her daughter for her bright future. This is the playful, learning and school going age. Any how she understood and accepted to send Reena again to school. The police put a hold for 5 years.

Reena and her sister is studying in BSS since from class Nursery. This made me very sad when any child is built up to learn and write and give them hope for their bright future. BSS shows every child how to dream and help them to achieve their goals.
We are happy to save Reena from child marriage and encouraged her to come back to BSS. BSS doors are always opened .


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