Let’s keep him coming to school!

Badal, pleased to have arrived at Buddha’s Smile School

This motivated child of Buddha’s Smile School, studying in Class 1, is so excited to come to school everyday!

This week, he overslept and almost missed the school bus. But no worries! He so didn’t want to miss school, he ran to get on the bus and came to school without his clothes on!

Help us make sure he and others like him can keeping coming to school by making a donation today. We’ve raised 27 of the 43 scholarships we need for this year – but we need your help to cover the rest. Sponsor a child today.

Buddha’s Smile School is short of funds to cover 43 students this year. In just one month, with your amazing support, we’ve raised enough to cover 27 of these students. Help us cover the costs for the last 16! A full-year primary or middle school scholarship at BSS is just $400 USD a year or $33 USD a month. A donation of any amount helps. Make a donation today!



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