Thank you Geir Davidsen & thank you Etne, Norway

BSS couldn’t exist without it’s many supporters from all over the world. So often, it starts with a person visiting Sarnath and meeting Rajan at BSS. And that’s exactly what happened with Geir Davidsen from Etne in Norway. He decided to help and created a fund-raising wonder by inspiring people in his community, especially the schools, to become involved.

He tirelessly visits school classes in his town and talks to the students and teachers about India, Sarnath and BSS. Obviously, he does so with a lot of heart and conviction, because it has resulted in amazing funds being raised in Etne.

Last year, they raised enough money to buy BSS a school bus and this year they will contribute half the cost of the daily meals BSS provides to its 220 students.

Geir makes sure the school children in Etne understand the huge impact their support is having on the Indian students’ lives. He will visit BSS again in March to report back on the progress being made and how his community can continue to help.

BSS sends the teachers, school children and other supporters in Etne a very big and heartfelt Thank You.

One Response to “Thank you Geir Davidsen & thank you Etne, Norway”

  1. Dana

    Thank you, Geir, for all you do! You have helped the children of BSS enormously with your efforts. It is very inspiring top me that you can make such a large contribution to an Indian school from your home in Norway

    We are all so grateful.

    – Dana