Brijesh Bharti

Brijesh Bharti – When he is not in school, 15 year-old Brijesh works at home helping his family to make the beaded mala necklaces that earn the family Rs 1 (US$ .03) per piece. In one day, they will only be able to make about 10 of these necklaces that will be sold at Sarnath’s religious sites. Brijesh loves coming to school. Since the school takes no fees and provides for all of their needs, Brijesh is able to come to school every day, something that he admits would otherwise be impossible for the family to afford.

Brijesh enjoys coming to BSS and is effusive about the warmth and love that he experiences from Rajan and the teachers. He expresses that this school for him has become a kind of home, a place where he finds warmth, love, and friendship. When asked how he will feel about moving on from BSS next year, Brijesh says that he is not worried because the other students from his village will travel and study alongside him. Like many of the boys in his class, Brijesh says that he would like to become a doctor.

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