Amit Kumar

Amit Kumar – When 12 year-old Amit’s father died in 2000, he was taken into a Gandhi Ashram, where they were given free food and shelter for two years. His female-headed family had nothing on which to survive and nowhere to go. When his mother learned about BSS, she moved the family a considerable distance from her native village to Iravanpur village near Sarnath so that her 2 children could study. Annu and Amit are still at BSS today, and both will move on together later this year to study in secondary school.

Amit is needed to help provide for the family. Although his mother has sacrificed for his education, sometimes she is compelled to take him from his school day to help her with hard work in the fields. Since field work is paid by the job, and the pay is reduced when it takes extra time to complete, she sometimes needs the extra help. Amit’s mother works in the fields, but also does any work she can find. Sometimes she works as a construction-site laborer, carrying bricks and sand on her head, and she also does house cleaning when jobs come up. Amit also helps with beading mala necklaces that bring in some income for the family.

Amit’s mother’s tough work ethic and desire for education has influenced him palpably. He is very eager to study and excels in his classes at BSS.

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