Visitor Stories

Christof Glaser: My Story

2005 bat mich eine Kommilitonin, während meiner Indienreise doch mal in Sarnath, einem buddhistischen Pilgerort in einer armen Gegend Nordindiens, eine Schule für kastenlose und unterprivilegierte Kinder zu besuchen. Sie wußte, daß ich Webseiten gestalte, und die Schule benötigte dringend eine, um für Spenden zu werben. Im März 2005 war ich dort und hörte die mitreißende Geschichte von Rajan und ihrer Schule.

Visiting Buddha’s Smile School an Amistad Intl project

The following is part of an informal trip report by Karen Kotoske, Executive Director, Amistad International: Buddha’s Smile School (BSS) is located in Sarnath and is only a short walk from the historical site where Siddhartha Gautama, the Buddha delivered this first sermon. Amistad International has been the primary sponsor of this school since 2004 when BSS had only 60 students. 239 now attend this free school for the poorest of the poor children in the area.

Liane Fahr: My Story

With brightly shining eyes the children say goodbye to Rajan and the other teachers at the end of the day. And with brightly shining eyes they wave back when leaving in the rikshaws Rajan has organized to bring them home. Home means those places where they had been picked up, the places where the poorest more…

Forrest Fleischman

Our first morning in Sarnath, my travelling companion and I walked into a small cafe next to the Tibetan Institute where our host was studying, and begin conversing with a kind Australian man. He told us that he had come there as a volunteer, to help build a website for the school that the cafe more…

Angela-Claire Cole

After experiencing such poverty in both Bodhgaya and Sarnath, Buddha’s Smile School was a completely enriching and perfect experience. Meeting Rajan, we spoke of love and in her I saw a heart too big to fit in her chest. Sure enough her generosity of spirit and deep love for all the children (including her desire more…