Thank You

Thank you Geir & Etne, Norway

Geir, we want to thank you and your family, all the children and adults from Etne including the newspaper Grannar and Etne Sparebank who donated NOK 15,000. What you have accomplished has made a huge and highly significant difference and I wish you could have been in Sarnath yourself to see the happy smiling faces and the magnificent Tata Bus your funding has made possible.

Dr. Al Haj

Dr. Haj kindly donated the funds to buy a new set of uniforms for all 220 BSS students. The kids were measured and the outfits were made specifically. The photo shows the oldest boy in the school being taught how to tie his tie.

Vipin and Gita Kothari

Thank you for donating two special meals for each of the 200 children, in the name of your beloved son. You can see their smiling faces as they enjoy the hot meal you have provided. Rajan wanted me to add that she is greatful to God for the giving of this beautiful gift and that more…

Sally-Ann Saunders and Tony Phillips

Sally-Ann and Tony came to Sarnath recently for the Dalai Lama’s teachings. Now the younger kids at Buddha’s Smile School can enjoy two wonderful new indoor games thanks to their generosity. A new yellow car and a red and blue seesaw — what fun!! Rajan says the kids are really enjoying playing on them. See more…

Prof. Jim Duerlinger

It gets cold in Varanasi in winter but the kids at Buddha’s Smile School will be nice and warm thanks to a generous donation by Jim Duerlinger, Professor of Philosophy, University of Iowa, USA. Jim kindly donated the funds to buy winter clothes for all 200 BSS students. The kids were measured and the outfits more…