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Living with stigma in India

‘The higher-caste students tell us that we smell bad,’ one girl said. Another added: ‘The ridicule we face prevents us from coming to school and sitting with higher-caste children.’ These girls from the hamlet of Khalispur, near the city of Varanasi, belong to the Mushara or ‘rat catcher’ community of eastern Uttar Pradesh, India. Despite more…

India’s children and the Class Struggle

Fifty years into Independence, India’s children have little to celebrate: 6.3 crore (63 million) of them are still out of school. This despite the constitutional directive urging all states to provide “free and compulsory education for all children until they complete the age of 14 years”. The Constitution envisaged fulfilling this promise by 1960. Yet, if present trends continue, India is still 50 years away from reaching the goal.

Jake Fisher

I was fortunate enough to visit the incredible Buddha’s Smile School and the living Saint Rajan on my travels last year around the major Buddhist sites of northern India. A fellow Buddhist student recommended I visit Rajan’s school to see real compassion and devotion to others in action. Meeting those children and seeing the happiness more…