Sachin’s Story: his name was mad boy

In April 2017 Rajan Kaur met Sachin, a distressed young boy appearing as if he had been carelessly thrown away in the corner and treated like garbage. She asked about him and found he was mentally disabled and would bite.
“He cannot speak but he does actions to explain,” a community member said.

“I immediately decided we must help Sachin,” Rajan Kaur, founder and director of Buddha’s Smile School (BSS) said.

During the initial days he was extremely disruptive and bit other children.

“We moved him to the new Day Care Center, gave him a nice bath, daily meals and clean clothes and surroundings,” Rajan Kaur said. “He feels fresh everyday and so the change began. Sachin stopped biting and has become more disciplined and happy. He engages in play and other activities everyday now,” she said.

There was a time when people kicked him in his community. His name was mad boy and he was teased and discarded. Rajan Kaur took him on as a challenge and slowly he is changing. She says she wants to instill knowledge and talent inside him, to increase his confidence and bring some charm into his life. At BSS the teachers and the other students pay attention to him providing him with the love and respect he never received at home. His unsociable habits are diminishing and one can begin to see, hopefully like Sachin can, the infinite possibilities life has to offer.

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