New Daycare Centre allows older sisters to continue education

Rajan Kaur, founder and director of BSS at the opening of the new Daycare Centre

We are pleased to announce Buddha’s Smile School’s new Daycare Centre opened in October. The Daycare Centre will enable young female elementary school students to attend classes on a regular basis rather than staying home to care for younger siblings.

The Daycare Centre caters for young siblings up to the age of 3 years and cares for their daily needs, such as milk, food, health checkups and vaccinations. A babysitter has been employed to care for the children and the centre has been equipped with a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping facilities and multiple toys for games and learning.

In 2014 Buddha’s Smile School (BSS) in conjunction with Amistad International began a fundraising drive to build living accommodation for girls who were at risk of early marriage and/or abuse. The hostel would have allowed them to live at BSS and be safe and supported. Unfortunately insufficient funds were raised and it was decided instead of waiting to build the Daycare Centre.

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Saving girls from early marriage and abuse remains an important focus and our new Daycare Centre is already changing the lives of 10 young children and their older sisters.

We’d like to thank all those who donated to enable this greatly needed addition and assure you of the significant difference it will make in the lives of the many young girls who will now be able to gain an education and an independent, fulfilling life.

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