Living under a bridge


Since October 2015 around 35 students who had been living in huts along the railroad (called Chaukaghat Community),  live under a freeway bridge in open air and without any shelter to protect them.  The photo above shows BSS students Golu, Chotu and Majnu in their  new ‘home’….under a freeway. Our students and their parents and siblings were thrown out of their little homemade tents by the railway police. Now these families have no protection or privacy. They are living out in the open.

BSS Founder Rajan Kaur Saini said: “Our Chaukaghat children are now living in very harsh conditions; their lives are in danger almost every day. This makes their attendance at BSS even more crucial for their very lives and safety.  At BSS they receive more than a good education, a nutritious meal and love. They are also safe when the come to school. This is a big concern. We truly hope that the living conditions of these children and families will improve.”

We hope these extremely impoverished families will be able to build small huts again in another neighborhood which will allow them safety and dignity.


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