The Most Dedicated Boy

KISHANKishan, the most dedicated boy of Buddha’s Smile School, stepped into BSS  in 2004. He is the 2nd oldest among all his brothers and sisters. He has two brothers and two sisters, all of them studied at BSS and are now grown up.

One of his brother is disable since berth and is now 21 years old.

“Kishan was 8 years old when I enrolled his name in class UKG,” Rajan Kaur Saini, founder of Buddha’s Smile School said. “Every day the family had to suffer for food. Their Father left the children and wife for 2 years. He just did not come home one day and his Mother wondered how she took care of all her children, especially since one of  was disable and needed a lot of attention and care all of the time.”

“In 2006 the situation became very serious. There was not enough for to feed all her children and the brothers and sisters started to fight with each other, they were all hungry. Kishan tried to commit suicide by taking poison — a pesticides that was used for plants in the field,” Rajan said.

“I got the news and immediately rushed to their home. Fortunately, Kishan was saved and admitted to hospital.”

Kishan left Rajan a letter in which he wrote: “Please give my books to other child so that they would be able to study.”

“This made me cry,” Rajan said. “Karen sister, from Amistad International (our major sponsor) will also remember as she was here when it happened. We shared the sad news of this boy and also the joy of his recovery.”

“Kishan Mother started to send all of her children to BSS so they all could have at least one full meal a day — BSS provides every child with a wholesome meal each day thanks to the generosity of Geir Davidsen’s family and friends from Etne, Norway.

Now Kishan is in class 10. He is also working as laborer. He has a lot of courage to face the world and is full of energy and dreams.


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