Shadhika Foundation’s Partner’s Conference


At Shadhika Foundation’s first-ever Partner’s Conference, for  the women from the several Indian organizations which help  girls attain an education, the Chennai, India conference attendees  included  Buddha’s Smile School founder/director, Rajan Kaur. The participating women shared the stories of their organizations, discussed their challenges and learned more about fundraising for their work.

Rajan Kaur Saini, founder of Buddha’s Smile School reports, “This conference was helpful for me.  All the NGOs are working for women but in different ways and in many sectors with their teams. The conference helped me to learn to become a better speaker even though I am a silent woman but I am proud of the work we are doing.  I am devoted to the bright futures of over 300 children.  Every time I can learn from another person, this helps me meet our challenges at BSS.  I am happy and I believe in my work. I believe that every child’s success, girl or boy, will be fruitful for the entire community. I thank Kim and Shadhika for inviting me to be a representative of Buddha’s Smile School.”

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