Raj & Shalu’s story

RAJ & SHALUWe found Raj and Shalu (Brother and Sister) at the railway station slum community in 2013. They simply caught Rajan Kaur Saini, founder of Buddha’s Smile School’s attention and were brought in and registered as students.

Presently Raj is studying in Grade-1 and his sister Shalu in L.K.G.

“It was very difficult to convince their parents to send them to school,” Rajan said. “Their father being an alcoholic and very ill mannered and their mother working as a junk picker and selling on the junk for money.

Raj and Shalu used to beg on trains. They didn’t know about school and school life and studies before coming to BSS.

Now they had fallen in love with BSS and regularly attend school.

As they had their huts illegally on railway tracks, police kicked them out from that place, they moved to a near by village.

With the constant effort of Rajan to contact and trace them out and convincing the parents BSS was able to bring back both the children to school and now they are happy and coming to school daily.


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