Save Girl Child

A performance was held at  Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Benares Hindu University (BHU)  on 2nd October 2015 at Film and Media council. Buddha’s Smile School was invited to participate by three students,  Arindam, Anurag and Bhanu of IIT, BHU, who are also working for Barefoot International. The program was organized to help Buddha’s Smile School create ties with BHU.

“The performance by BSS students was about Saving Girl Children. Girls are not respected in India and parents often feel sad when girl children are born,” Rajan Kaur Saini, founder of Buddha’s Smile School said. “Parents don’t worry about the future of girls and often do not allow them to go to school at all or simply drop their education at the age of 13 or 14 years when they are able to marry and produce children of their own. This performance was held to bring awareness and help give these girls some power and confidence and to acknowledge, like men, they also have a right to an education a bright future,” Rajan said.


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