Monu, Raja & Sunny.

MONU RAJA SUNNYRajan Kaur Saini, founder of Buddha’s Smile School met Monu, Raja and Sunny’s, family in a Sarnath beggars community in 2003. Their sister, Chanda was brutally murdered after being forced into marriage at the age of 14 years and due to the poverty the family the eldest son who was also a student of BSS was sold by his family in 2010 for INR 2000, his name is Sonu.

Rajan contacted the local Police Station but she was unable to trace Sonu’s whereabouts.

Monu who was enrolled in 2004 is now in Grade 3. Sunny is now in Grade 1 and Raja who was born in the presence of Rajan is now in L.K.G.

Both parents are alcoholics and Rajan and her teachers are finding it a tough job trying to keep them away from alcohol. At present the family lives in a small shed at the Leprosy Patient Ashram. None of the children or the parents have leprosy but are allowed to stay at the community in return for doing odd jobs like cleaning, etc. They also work temporally in few nursing homes, cleaning the wards and bathroom, etc.

Monu, Raja & Sunny are happy children and are motivated to attend Buddha’s Smile School and to make something of their lives. One day, thanks to BSS, Monu, Raja & Sunny may be able to finally break free of the awful shackles that bind them to a world of begging, alcoholism and abuse.

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