Deepak–the Tabla maestro of BSS


Deepak, who is now 18 years old was born deaf and dumb, yet he is the heart, the hero and soul of Buddha’s Smile School. Rajan found him in 2004 when he was 6 yrs old – a very dirty, skinny boy diagnosed with Polio.

“He stole my heart,” Rajan Kaur Saini, founder of Buddha’s Smiles School said. “His parent never believed he would be able to do anything, yet today Deepak is learning to be a Tabla player and they can’t believe it,” Rajan said.

After Deepak was enrolled in BSS, he got stronger in his legs and slowly, day by day, through play and exercises instruction from Sukhdev, the sun inside Deepak rose and he not only started walking he has grown into a fine young man who has beaten his deaf and dumbness and his Polio afflictions.

Today, Deepak is a happy young man and never misses a single day at BSS. Rajan designed a special path for Deepak to enable him to stand on his own two feet and develop skills that might help him achieve some independence.

“He did not liked my choice of playing Tabla in the beginning,” Rajan said. “When he would see his Tabla teacher he would become upset and his Tabla teacher finally requested me to find another student instead of Deepak, but I insisted they stick with it, as I was confident is was good for Deepak and that he could achieve something very positive in the end.”

Eventually Deepak’s interest grew and with continuous persuasion and motivation from all at BSS he is now excited to display his Tabla playing skills to everyone.

Deepak has now performed twice in CIHTS (Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies). Soon, he will also perform at B.H.U in front of their students and celebrities who will be honoring the events. And so, one day Deepak – the Tabla maestro of BSS, may become even more famous. 🙂

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