This is Puja’s Story


Puja has Down’s Syndrome. In 2012 when Rajan found her she was twelve years old, sitting alone, in a corner of a Chaukaghat railway station community shanty house. She’d never learnt to speak and no one in her family bothered trying to talk to her.

“I wonder why Puja has lived this long,” her mother said to Rajan.

And that is when Rajan decided she must get Puja into BSS so they could teach her as much as possible.

Over the past few years, Puja has slowly developed and has opened up to all the BSS teachers, who have taken a special interest in helping Puja and motivating her.

“Everyone tried to help develop her social skills. At first she did not want to come to school and was not interested once she got here, but we all helped and now she looks forward to attend Buddha’s Smile School each day,” Rajan said.

“We’d show her things from my ‘magic bag’ and soon she became interested to learn through the toys and pretty things.  Now she never misses a day. Puja loves to color in her notebooks and also to dance,” Rajan said.

“I’m planning to have a dance teacher work with her. Just like our deaf mute student, Deepak, who can now play the tabla (drum) I believe one day Puja will also find her talent which she can develop to make a better life for herself.”



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