Ten More Children Need Scholarships

As you probably know, Buddha’s Smile School operates as a school for poor Dalit children. What you may not know is BSS also has 43 children who have progressed through BSS and now require individual support through their Government Primary and Middle schools years. These children are doing well and some, with your help, will end up attending University – which is an incredible achievement when you think about it

The school year began in July and we are short of funds to cover 10 of these primary and middle school students scholarship.

Thanks to all of you, we’ve raised enough to cover all but 10 of the students, but we need your help to cover the rest — we’re short just $4,000 USD.

A full-year primary or middle school scholarship is just $400 USD a year or just $33 USD a month.

Please help by making a donation to cover the costs for one of these last 10 students?


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