BSS student enters National Cadet Corps

BSS Samsher NCC certificate 8-15Getting ahead in India when you are from a family of beggars and of the untouchable caste is a major achievement. Growing up in a slum with alcoholics, little food and shelter and probably a daily beating or two can either make or break a child.

Buddha’s Smile School, in Varanasi, India has produced many winners since it began in 2003. One of them, pictured left, is Samsher who as a long time student of BSS has now gained entry to the NCC, India’s prestigious National Cadet Corp.

Samsher might find he has to spend the next few years waking early and studying hard, but thanks to Buddha’s Smile School and his own hard work, his future, released from the unhealthy lifestyle and poverty of the slums, is assured.

Well done, Samsher. You make us proud.



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