Middle School 2008 Group

I am sending the middle school photos and report and I hope you will be so surprise to see these students,they have so completely changed and looks intelligent and smart. This makes me feel proud and gives me hope of my hard work.

I really wish to make them stand and see them independent. One day they will be.

In one of the photo you can see two girls Mamta and Puja with Sukhdev, they were wearing sweater in a opposite way, Sukhdev asked them why your sweater is in opposite way they explained that it will get dirty because we have to wear same in the morning for school that is why we are wearing in wrong way. They are now much responsible.

In few photos you will see the girls are making the models of Computers. We helped them to complete them due to short time because they have to submit next day.

I would like to send the more pictures, but I hope you will all love them to see.

Now a days few boys are busy to carry road lights on Indian marriages at night time because now the marriage season is going on.

Now in this session there are 15 students to go to middles school. this is worrying matter for me…….

Again Thank you all so much!!


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