Photos: Marie-Jeanne’s knitting

Marie-Jeanne is a 94 years old French lady who knitted day and night so the kids at BSS could have warm winter jumpers.

Here are a few of them, fitted.

Thanks again Marie-Jeanne.

2 Responses to “Photos: Marie-Jeanne’s knitting”

  1. Burt-Ujin Bayarsaikhan

    Thank you, Marie-Jeanne, for your compassion, love and dedication! This is my first time to visit this website, and I am very happy that I have seen your work. Thank you, Buddha’s Smile School, for organizing wonderful activities for children. I am happy for these children that there are people like you who are still doing their best to make this world easier and better for them!

  2. Dominic Gonzales

    knitting has always been the hobby of my sister and i also love it too`:”