L’Arche de Dolanji funds 220 meals daily

Toward the end of 2007 we were extremely worried that the children’s food funding was ending in February 2008 and that we hadn’t been able to find a sponsor. Then a miracle occurred: A visitor from France (Edith) told a French association, L’Arche de Dolanji, about us and after much correspondence and a visit to BSS, L’Arche de Dolanji decided to begin sponsoring a daily meal for all 220 children from March 2008.

L’Arche de Dolanji told us this is a long term commitment for them which is very exciting as it give us the ability to focus on other aspects of the children’s growth and welfare.

These meals are are extremely important for the children’s ability to learn and remain healthy. This is a wonderful gift, and we thank you L’Arche de Dolanji, from the bottom of our hearts.

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