Children of a lesser God

June 19: The largest number of child labourers in the country are from Uttar Pradesh despite anti-child labour schemes in place since the 1980s. And this is not an allegation by activists but the finding of a report released by the UP government ~ The State of Children in Uttar Pradesh. The Statesman | Read the Full Story |

3 Responses to “Children of a lesser God”

  1. karen Kotoske

    Hi John, I tried to go through to the story about child labor, but it goes to a page in the Statesman that doesn’t seem to have the story.

  2. karen Kotoske

    John, your new blog cover page is just excellent. I like Dana’s photo there of the kids who performed at the recent program. I also like the idea that you are putting news stories about the realities of life in India vis a vis the oppression, child labor, et al. This is a good way to educate us all.