Fourteen Students Graduate in 2008

Exciting times at Buddha’s Smile School!
The first group of graduates have completed their elementary school education at BSS and are now ready to move on to the government middle school, and ultimately, we hope, to University.

All 14 students, five of whom are featured in our June 2008 newsletter, are extraordinary kids. In spite of working hard to help support their families during off-school hours, they have all excelled in their studies and have become role models for the younger BSS students. –» meet all 14 students


After leaving their new schools, graduates will return daily to BSS for tutoring and encouragement. This will help them with the demands of higher education and hopefully help them to break away from a life of poverty and begging forever.

It is important to ensure continued support for graduating students and so we have set up a dedicated 2008 Student Scholarship Fund to help our 2008 graduates maintain their education under our supervision.


Each year a separate Scholarship fund will be set up and managed by BSS. It will not only provide for graduate students’ further education but other daily needs, like tutoring, books, clothes, food, medical, and in some cases, accommodation.

Our 2008 Graduate Scholarship Fund needs additional sponsors. If you can help please send us an email


Five years ago BSS was just an empty block of land. Today, through the help and sponsorship of many people as well as the love, hard work and financial support of Rajan, Sukdhev and the family, BSS has grown into an established school providing a comprehensive education for 220 underprivileged children.

BSS gives these Untouchable (Dalit) children hope and encouragement for a brighter future by opening their minds and stimulating their innate creativity. BSS teaches them to think critically, to question everything and to learn the ways of the great thinkers and humanitarians.

–» Meet all 14 students

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