Thank you Wally, Janet, Merelie, Troy, Linda, Jane, Melanie and Susanne

The Emmaus Goup
Back row L-R: Wally, Janet, Merelie, Troy and Linda. Front row L-R: Jane, Melanie, Susanne

Clothes are always a priority at BSS. The kids go through them like kids do and we’re often on the lookout for additional winter and summers clothing of all shapes and sizes for children between 4 and 14 years.

This February a group of wonderful BSS friends from Los Angeles, CA, USA sent us a couple of suitcases full of cool, new, casual clothing, including tops and shorts and PJ’s and underwear and socks for the kids.

Many of the items were shared among the kids immediately but some of the warmer clothing will be held back until next winter.

Thanks to you all!

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