Thank you Geir & Etne, Norway

P1050508.jpgUntil a few months ago BSS has no vehicle and relied on hiring auto rickshaws for its transportation needs. A vehicle was required to ferry the children to and from school, at times of a medical or other emergency and on a day-to-day basis to purchase goods from the local market .

Geir Davidsen from Norway has raised the US$13,000 (8.900 euro) needed to buy a vehicle for BSS through his community fund raising efforts in the Norwegian town of Etne.

I cannot tell you how happy the new Bus has made the children and how vital it is to BSS. The children will no longer have to cram into small and fast driven auto rickshaws and Rajan and Sukhdev will no longer have to worry about them getting hurt or falling out on the way to school. The bus is also used to take kids to see the doctor or to hospital if required as well as to transport food supplies from the market.

It is a strong utility vehicle and BSS has hired a professional driver whose name is Jagdish to take care of it and to be the driver. He is a nice man in his 50’s and sensible and kind to the children and the teachers.


Geir, we want to thank you and your family, all the children and adults from Etne including the newspaper Grannar and Etne Sparebank who donated NOK 15,000. What you have accomplished has made a huge and highly significant difference and I wish you could have been in Sarnath yourself to see the happy smiling faces and the magnificent Tata Bus your funding has made possible.

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