Satwant Rai

Satwant Rai – 14 year-old Satwant says that he gives a lot of thought to his future and believes that he will become whatever he wants to. Since both of his parents labor in the fields to manage a living, he has much to hope for. Day labor in the fields is a difficult job. Satwant’s parents work for a landlord, who pays them by the job rather than by the hour or day. If the work takes longer than the landlord expects, their pay will be reduced. This is why sometimes Satwant misses school to help his parents work in the fields, especially during the crop seasons. Before he was a laborer Satwant’s father earned more money as an auto-rickshaw driver, but he had an accident that ruined the vehicle and put him out of a job.

Salwant helps a lot around the house by cleaning, collecting the water, helping his parents, and even cooking some food. He expresses tremendous devotion and respect for his parents and aims to be able to help them more when he gets older. In school, he says that English is his favorite subject. When I ask him about how he likes BSS, he gushes, “this place for me is home.”

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