Kanchan Thappa

Kanchan Thappa – 13 year-old Kanchan is the lone sister between one younger brother who was born in India and lives with her, and two older brothers, who are in her native village in Nepal. She was very young when her parents brought her from Nepal to India in search of work . Today, her mother earns money working as a janitor at a local hospital, and her father works as a watchman. At home, Kanchan contributes to the family by cooking and doing the housework with her mother.

In school, Kanchan is confident and serious. She sits in the back of the classroom quietly paying close attention to the teacher’s lessons, sometimes interrupting her stillness by swiftly lash out at a student disturbing her concentration. Still, her smiles come easily. Despite her stern appearance, Kanchan breaks into sincere laughter spontaneously, and her face quickly fills with deep affection. She says that she dreams of becoming a teacher for primary school children.

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