Miriam Sicherman

Miriam Sicherman: PhotosMiriam Sicherman sent us some really nice pictures of the Buddha’s Smile School kids receiving their end of year reports.

She wrote:

“I still plan to write a Your Story entry one of these days but in the meantime here is some info about me and my visit:

“I’m an elementary school teacher from New York City. I was in India from Sept 2006-May 2007, mostly in Kerala, where my husband had a Fulbright grant to study music. We traveled in April and May and that’s when we stopped by BSS, which we had heard of from another Fulbrighter, Forrest Fleischman.

“We visited BSS on the last day of the school year, so the kids were receiving their progress reports and enjoying their last day. As a teacher, I loved seeing how happy and relaxed the kids were at school. We really enjoyed our visit and were so impressed with the school, and will definitely keep on checking the website for news and ways we can help from afar.”

Thanks Miriam — thanks for the photos and thanks for caring. You can see all of Miriam’s great photos here.

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