Geir Davidsen


Geir Davidsen and friend visited Buddha’s Smile School a few months ago and was so impressed that on his return to Norway he started a program of fundraising.

This is an email he sent to Rajan a few weeks ago along with some photos that you can see here.

To Rajan and friends of BSS

“Today I started fundraising for BSS. I got good help from the pupils of class 7 and one teacher from our local school. They made and sold waffles, and we sold small things that I had received from people. A hobby music group played. We handed out a leaflet about BSS to many peoples, and I hope they will donate later on. We are hoping to contract 100 people who will donate 100 NOK each month – and then we’ll have enough for one hot meal for the BSS children every day in 2008.

“Time will tell – I will keep on working on this. The day made 3.700 NOK in 3 hours. It is a start. I have sent you 3 photos and a copy of the sheet we handed out.

“Have a nice weekend.


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