Write about your visit

One of the ways you can help Buddha’s Smile School is to write about your visit — telling people about your experiences, impressions and thoughts. It doesn’t have to be mushie, or eloquent — you don’t even have to be able to spell or write English very well — we’ll take care of that.

Send articles, snippets, photos — anything that we can publish will help Buddha’s Smile School get exposure and a presence on the net. Our preferences are for posts be no more than 300 words and based around:

  • Your experiences visiting Buddha’s Smile School or Sarnath
  • Helpful snippets of information for other intrepid travellers

Email us your story (we are also looking for stories written in languages other than English) using the form below and if it’s relevant I’ll pass it to the wicked witch and her editing machine and then publish it — I’ll write to let you know. That’s the deal!



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