Sangita’s Story — More Comment

There are no words to respond to the tragic news of the death of Sangita. And John’s writing makes so clear how horrible her final days were. I can only shake my head and feel deep pain for Sangita, and for her baby who will never know his mother! Rajan this is just such very sad news. And I am so sorry for you and the other teachers who loved Sangita. Amy wrote me that she met Sangita and she was such a lovely friendly young teacher, and she spoke English.

Oh the pain is so deep for you, for Sangita’s parents too, this must be certain.

I had often prayed for Sangita since you sent word of her tragedy. I could visualize her in a hospital without benefit of strong pain medications, suffering. I prayed that God would stop her pain. He has for certain now, though this is not the outcome that anyone would want except for perhaps some. For them, we only shake our heads in sad disbelief.

Rajan, I am grateful for this on thing: I am grateful that you and your teachers are teaching the children at Buddha’s Smile School a new way of thinking, a way that will teach them to hold their wife or husband in respect, and to have reverence for all of life. You will help to lead the children to a better way of living within the family.

Please accept our sorrow and our torn hearts,

Karen Kotoske
Amistad International
Amistad International is a registered USA charity helping fund Buddha’s Smile School.

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