Angela-Claire Cole


After experiencing such poverty in both Bodhgaya and Sarnath, Buddha’s Smile School was a completely enriching and perfect experience. Meeting Rajan, we spoke of love and in her I saw a heart too big to fit in her chest. Sure enough her generosity of spirit and deep love for all the children (including her desire to develop a hostel for these desperate little ones and perhaps begin a sister school in Kolkata) was in full swing at 2007’s Independence Day Celebration. Rajan and her teachers work tirelessly to give these children a better chance in life, beginning with respect, love and an education. This experience changed my travel plans (I leave tomorrow for Kolkata to visit other schools and hostels Rajan has told me about) and she and her family’s hearts are an inspiration to all. The work here deserves huge support and many prayers.

Thank you Buddha’s Smile School for being such an incredible part of my journey.

Angela-Claire Cole

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