Sarnath Cafe

Sukhdev, Daisy, Rosy, Rajan and Sukhdev’s father. Drawing by Mattia Salvini

Sukhdev is Rajan’s husband. He masterminded a lively restaurant, catering to foreign scholars, Indians and Tibetans. This activity is the backbone of their charities, as it lies right next to the school, which in turn is none other than the lower section of their home.

Now, Sukhdev’s family is fivefold, in ascending order of height: Rosie is very small and powerful. Daisy is a bit taller and ultra-sharp. Rajan is of course their mother and as you know she is the life of Buddha’s Smile School. Sukhdev is cook and manager, and pictures not too dissimilar from the one here reproduced shine in the main road of Sarnath. Sukhdev’s father lives with them, he is extremely tall but prefers to remain in the background.

This picture is to help you recognize them if you go to Sarnath.

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