Jake Fisher

I was fortunate enough to visit the incredible Buddha’s Smile School and the living Saint Rajan on my travels last year around the major Buddhist sites of northern India.

A fellow Buddhist student recommended I visit Rajan’s school to see real compassion and devotion to others in action.

Meeting those children and seeing the happiness and joy Rajan and her family and other teachers have managed to cultivate in these children is incredible. The students there are generally the poorest of the poor with little other options in life than begging, prostitution or extremely hard labour for pay that will barely feed them.

This school has given these children, a new hope and belief in life and in themselves.

My feeling I got from my visit was how these children had found the love and security their little bodies were crying out for, in Rajan and her family. It really is a beacon of love and hope set right in the middle of one of the poorest areas in India.

I therefore believe Rajan is a modern day Mother Teresa of Uttar Pradesh and an example to us all.

Jake Fisher

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